Level 1.5  On The Course

Player’s Notes

This class is designed for graduates of Level 1.0 or for players who need an on course refresher.   We will focus on getting you comfortable and keeping you safe in your on course surroundings.


Checking In

Your instructor will tell you where to meet but usually we meet at the clubhouse at the start of class.  You can get your golf cart, pick up clubs if you need them and take care of the essentials before we begin.


Water, Snacks, Bathroom, Phone Calls, Texts, etc.  

It is best to get this out of the way before we go to the range as sometimes we head right out after the warm-up. So please arrive at least ten minutes early so you do not feel rushed.    

Please check your messages before heading out as you want to allow yourself to enjoy your time on the course without distractions.


The Range Warm-Up

Ideally we like to begin at the driving range for a brief ten minute warm-up.

Do a few arm swings, get your body loose, then take a few practice swings.

-5-10 Pitch shots with a wedge

-5-10 ¾ shots or “L”to “L”

-5-10 Full shots with a longer iron and hybrid

-5-10 Full shots with driver


Putting Green Warm-Up

Head to the putting green to develop feel for how fast the greens are and to hone your concentration before you play.  This should take about 5 minutes.

-5-10 Twelve foot putts

-5 Thirty foot putts

-5-10 Short putts


Late Arrivals

Beltway traffic, late meetings, we understand.  If you arrive late, go to the pro shop and ask the person at the counter where you should meet your class.  They will usually be able to help you catch up with your group.


On The Course

We generally spend about 15 minutes playing a hole of golf.

In order to get you in the rhythm or understanding “speed of play”, we will adhere to that in our class.

Hole 1

The First Tee   15 minutes

-Safety-Where do I  stand? When is it my turn to hit?  Where do I take practice swings?

-Nerves-I’m so nervous and there is so much to remember!  Slow down your breathing and swing movements. Keep your eye on the ball.  It gets easier the more you do it.

-The Tee Shot-Establishing the order of play.  The tee markers. Which markers do we play from? Aiming.  How high to tee the ball. If you miss the ball. Errant shots.  Watch where it goes. “Good shot!”


Hole 2

The Tee Shot and Putting Green Etiquette

-Tee shot  (5 minutes)

-Putting Green Etiquette  (10 minutes)

-Where do we park our carts or leave our bags?

-Who goes first?  What to do with the flagstick.  Marking the ball. Watch that line!  Be ready. Continuous putting or mark the ball?  Who puts the flagstick back in? Hustling off the green.  


Hole 3

The Tee Shot, Chipping, Putting

-Tee shot  (5 minutes)

-Chipping  (8 minutes)

-Putting  (2 minutes)

Reminder of where the carts go.  What club do I chip with? What exactly is a chip?  How big of a swing do I take? What if my ball goes over the green?  Where do put my club when it’s my turn to putt? What if I forgot to bring my putter with me?   


Hole 4

The Tee Shot, Pitching, Putting

-Tee shot (5 minutes) Determine distance, importance of color of flag, rangefinders, replacing divots, aiming.

-Pitch shots   (10 minutes)

-Half swing and variations.  Toss a tennis ball.

-Pitching, sand, gap wedges.  Eye on the ball. What causes a topped shot?

-Putting (if time permits)


Hole 5

Tee Shots, Fairway Shots, Approach Shot, Putting

-Play a “scramble”.  Everyone hits, go to best shot and repeat.

Wrap-up, Clean-up

5-10 minutes to answer questions, review what we did, put carts and clubs away.


This week:

-Practice at the range and putting green one or two times

-Watch golf on TV

-Look at a golf magazine for pictures of swings, golf courses, fashion, equipment

-Read BGA Guide to etiquette, basic rules


Class Two --Repeat Class One Arrival and Warm-Up.


Hole 1  (Scramble format)

Tee shots, 150 yard shots, putting


Hole 2   (Scramble format)

Tee shots, pitching/sand shots


Hole 3

Recovering from trouble--hitting safely from the woods back into the fairway

What to do if your ball ends up on cart path, roots of trees.

Hole 4

Playing your own ball

Keeping score.  Double Par.


Hole 5

Playing your own ball (Maybe scramble off the tee shot)


Hole 6

Playing your own ball


Wrap-Up, Clean-Up

5-10 minutes to answer questions, review what we did, put carts and clubs away.

What should I do next?

-Sign up for 5 hole Player Development Games

-Join BGA Practice Sessions (one hour long specialized clinics)

-Take Level 1.0 again if you feel like you need more refreshers on basic fundamentals

-Sign up for Level 2.0 if you feel you are making progress


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